Mid West                                                    Supporting                                    Dir. Aaron Massey

Too Careful                                                  Lead                                             Dir. Andrew Kevelson

Time to Go                                                   Lead                                             Dir. Andy Rossi

Love Changes                                              Lead                                             Dir. Jane Kapriss

Great American Dream                                 Supporting                                    Dir. Roger Lim

Adv. of Carl & James                                    Lead                                             Dir. Nehemiah Richardson

Eden’s Embrace                                           Supporting                                    Dir. Nishan Hagop

Dejection                                                    Lead                                             Dir. Nikita Zubarev

Simply Because                                           Lead                                             Dir. Nishan Hagop



The Get (Pilot)                                             Co-Star                                        Dir. James Strong

Bill Nye Saves the World                             Co-Star                                        Dir. Mike Drucker                    Netflix

Mad Cows (Pilot)                                        Guest Star                                    Dir. Peter Sebastian                 

Tabloid                                                      Co-Star                                        Dir. Yoram Astrakhan               ID

Talk Show w/Spike Feresten                         Co-Star                                        Dir. Peter Fowkes                     Fox

LA Forensics                                               Recurring                                     Dir. Robert Dean                      truTV

Passions                                                     Under 5                                       Dir. Gary Tomlin                     NBC 


COMMERCIAL: conflicts available upon request



Yuppie in a Can                                           Lead                                             Dir. James Shippy

“Everybody Else” (8 episodes)                        Lead                                             Funny or Die

History of Haunted Mansion                          Supporting                                    Dir. Jon Kovel

Awkward Embraces                                     Guest Star                                     Dir. Adam Finmann

The Work Party                                            Lead                                             Style Free-in Productions

“Dirty Sexy Funny”                                       Improv Comedy Troupe


TRAINING: (partial)

Groundlings:                                              Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Improv, Writing Lab

Actors Comedy Studio:                                Master Class, Sitcom Essentials

BGB Studio:                                               Scene Study, Cold Reading, Meisner

Paul Barry:                                                Acting 4 Camera – Scene Study 

Margie Haber:                                          Audition Technique, On-Camera

Commercial Classes:                                  Laurie Records, Joshua Rappaport, Judy Kain, Killian McHugh

Morman/Boling Casting:                            On-Camera Auditioning

Lesly Kahn:                                                Scene Study, Intensive, Clinic, Cold Reading



Disc Jockey (club, radio, mobile, over 1,000 events), Baseball (collegiate), Paralegal, Substitute Teacher, Screenwriter, Sketch Comedy, TV Reporter, Football, MMA/Boxing Training, Track, Sports Blogger, Print Model, Host, HulaHooper

** Lives in LA, with Residency in Chicago

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