Reel & Clips
Actor Reel

Running Time: 2:00 min

Andy Rossi's actor reel.  


Comedy Reel

Andy Rossi's Sketch Comedy Reel 

Acting Clips

Acting Clip (Drama)

Office scene from the feature film "MidWest"

Acting Clip (Drama)

Scene from "Too Careful" that ends dramatically via poisonous death.

Acting Clip (Dark Comedy)

Scene from "Duct Tape." Two friends are in over their head with a recently deceased body.

Acting Clip (Romantic Lead)

Scene from "Love Changes" hitting on the cute bus station girl.

Acting Clip (Comedy)

A lovable loser gets dumped by an out of his league girlfriend. Scene from web-series "Yuppie in a Can"

Sketch, Commercial, Movie Trailer
Dr. Behr
Optimistically Honest Guy
X Cloud Commercial
Human Resources
The Work Party
Movie Trailer
"Time to Go"
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